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Top Tips for Winter Driving MINI

Approaching the cold of winter will put many drivers off taking to the roads, with icy conditions and snowfall predicted to be in abundance according to national newspapers. The freezing temperatures can cause chaos even for the most experienced of drivers. With this in mind, Bowker have put together a rundown of top tips to keep you safe on the roads winter.

  1. Speed – Get your speed right, not fast enough to risk losing control but with enough momentum and power to pull you through areas of low traction. Smooth braking, steering and accelerating are the key in controlling your vehicle.
  2. Braking – Remember to double or even triple your braking distance and do not rely on your brakes to be able to stop. If you do start to skid, remember to take your feet away from the pedals and steer.
  3. Planning – Plan your journey before you leave, aim to use the busy roads as they are more likely to have been gritted. Avoid shortcuts and country roads, as they will often be laden with dangerous patches of ice and snow that have not been treated with salt.
  4. Lights – In falling snow use dipped headlights or fog lights to ensure you are fully visible to others.
  5. Gears – Stay in a higher gear for better control. If you are using a manual car, use a higher gear when setting off rather than using first, this will give you a more gradual acceleration and avoid wheel spin.

Driving in testing conditions can be daunting and the fear of breaking down in the snow on a cold winters evening enough to prevent you leaving the house all together. Sometimes driving in snow cannot be avoided, but what should you do if you are faced with this problem? First port of call is to contact breakdown recovery. Stay warm by running the engine for 15 minutes out of every hour.  Ensure that the exhaust pipe is not blocked by snow as this will cause poisonous gas to enter the cabin of your vehicle. Try to hang a piece of brightly coloured cloth to your vehicle, to alert other road users of your presence. Finally, stay close to your vehicle as it is easy to become disorientated in cold conditions.

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